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Harmonic Mitigation Solutions

APQ offers a broad spectrum of 6 different harmonic mitigation techniques to assure the best resolution of your power quality problem.

Typical uses include applications employing: AC motor drives, DC motor drives, UPS, fans, blowers, pumps, chillers, compressors, etc.

Choose From 6 Technologies for Three Phase

Type of Solution Harmonic Mitigating Reactor Type SRT, HRT Tuned Harmonic Filter Type FAB, FFB APQvar Dynamic Harmonic Filter Type SMV 12 or 18 Pulse Rectifier Conversion Kit Type PCK Low Pass Harmonic Filter Type LPF Active Harmonic Filter Type AHF
Current Waveform
Harmonic Current Distortion 35% to 45%
10% to 25%
10% to 25%
5% to 15%
5% to 8%
Basic Product Photo
Typical Efficiency 99.5% 99.5% 98% 92% 99% 97%>

3-Phase Harmonic Filters

  • Low Pass Harmonic Filters (Type LPF): [I,M]

    Filters 5th – 51st harmonics and can achieve 5% THD-i or less. Use with one or more AC variable frequency drives. Can achieve 5% THD-i or less and comply with international power quality standards such as IEEE-519. Lowest cost, most efficient solution to achieve 5% THD-i.

  • Reactors (Type SRT and Type HRT): [I]

    Line reactors can eliminate nuisance over-voltage tripping of AC variable frequency drives and can reduce harmonic distortion for both AC and DC drive systems. Load reactors protect inverter controlled motors, with short and medium cable lengths, from the effects of PWM voltage.

  • 12/18 Pulse Converters (Type PCK): [I]

    Converts typical 6-pulse drives to either 12 or 18 pulse and cancels low order harmonics. Helps to meet international power quality standards and specifications for 12-pulse or 18-pulse drives.

  • Tuned Harmonic Filter (Type FFB and FAB): [I,M,F,S]

    Reduces specific harmonic frequencies. Available as either fixed capacity or automatically adjustable filters for use with variable load conditions. Use these filters with individual loads or at the substation level to provide filtering for an entire facility.

  • APQvar Harmonic Filter (Type SMV): [I,M,F,S]

    Uses fast responding, transient-free, automatic switching to apply precise increments of a tuned harmonic filter corresponding to changing harmonic distortion conditions.

  • Active Harmonic Filter (Type AHF): [I,M,F]

    Uses IGBT technology to electronically cancel harmonic currents from 2nd to 51st. Can achieve 5% THD-i or less and comply with international power quality standards such as IEEE-519.

Single Phase Harmonic Filters

  • Low Pass Harmonic Filters (Type SLPF ): [I,M]

    Filter 3rd to 51st harmonics and achieve low levels of total harmonic current distortion for compliance with IEEEE-519 and other power quality standards. Commonly used with ac motor drives when low harmonic distortion is required.

  • 3rd Harmonic Filters (Type THF): [I,M]

    Minimizes 3rd harmonic current and reduces neutral current when 1-phase loads are supplied from a 3-phase, 4-wire power system. Commonly used for switched mode power supplies (SMPS) such as computers, slot machines, video games, etc.

Our range of solutions are capable of being applied at various points throughout the electrical system:

  • Individual load (I)
  • Multiple loads (M)
  • Facility Level (F)
  • Sub Station Level (S)

Various filtering techniques can accomplish distinct results depending on whether they are applied at individual loads or as a facility wide solution.

APQ filters can help eliminate harmonic distortion problems such as reduced equipment life, equipment interference and transformer overheating. Benefits associated with using APQ Harmonic filters: facilitate compliance with international power quality standards such as IEEE-519, use electricity more effectively, reduce the true rms current, reduce KVA, improve voltage quality and maximize the useable capacity of power sources.