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Line Reactors

Line Reactors

Line Reactors

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Line Reactors (DRT, DRT, and HRT Series) 200-690 volts 50/60hz

Line / Load reactors are electrical inductors that allow 50hz and 60hz current to flow easily in an electrical circuit, but they impede the flow of higher frequencies (such as harmonics). This makes them effective at reducing harmonics in drive systems. Typical impedance values range from 2% - 5% impedance.

APPLICATION: APQ reactors are suitable for use as either line reactors or load reactors for AC variable frequency drives and as line reactors for DC drive systems.

  • For AC drive systems, use 3% input impedance to suppress voltage transients, and 5% input impedance to reduce harmonic current distortion.
  • For AC drive systems, use 5% impedance load reactor for motor protection in short and medium length cables (use sine wave filters for long cable runs).
  • For DC drive systems, use 3% input impedance to reduce input voltage notching.

  • DRT Series (Drive Input Reactors):

    DRT Series reactors are recommended for general purpose drive input applications. Applied at the input of AC variable frequency drives to protect the drive from voltage transients or to lower overall harmonic content at a given drive.

  • SRT Series (Standard Duty Line / Load Reactors):

    SRT Series reactors are recommended for general purpose drive applications. Apply on both the input and output of AC variable frequency drives for overall system power quality, performance and life expectancy. Use these reactors for DC drive systems as input line reactors to reduce harmonic current and to reduce voltage notching.

  • HRT Series(Heavy Duty Line / Load Reactors):

    HRT Series reactors are used to improve system power quality when harmonics are severe or when precise inductance / impedance is required. These reactors will maintain inductance within +/- 3% for all three phases, which also helps to maintain balanced phase currents as compared with traditional line/load reactors. May be used as line reactor, load reactor or harmonic filter reactor. HRT Series (5% impedance) reactors can supplied with an optional temperature switch.

Typical Harmonic Current Distortion (THD-i) vs. Effective Input Impedance (Zeff)
Zeff 0.5% Zeff 1.0% Zeff 1.5% Zeff 2.0% Zeff 3.0% Zeff 4.0% Zeff 5.0% Zeff
% THD-i 100% 72% 60% 52% 44% 38% 35%