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APQ Series Power Factor Correction Capacitor

APQ Series Power Factor Correction Capacitor

Image of Power Factor Correction Capacitors

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APQ Series Power Factor Correction 200V – 690V, 50/60Hz

APQ Series Power Factor Solutions improve power factor, reduce KVA demand, and can reduce electricity costs. Improving low power factor can increase electrical energy effectiveness by reducing reactive current and KVA while maximizing the usable capacity of your power sources. When you improve power factor, you can also reduce circuit conductor power losses.

Application: Power factor is important when it comes to saving energy, reducing electricity costs, and getting the most out of your electrical assets. When power factor is low, more current flows through circuit conductors and power sources (transformers) eating up some of their useful capacity. More current means more kVA, more heat, and more conductor and equipment power losses. APQ has power factor solutions to improve power factor for individual loads or an entire facility.

PF Capacitors and Harmonics

Capacitors can become overloaded or cause harmonic resonance and fail prematurely when they share a power system with harmonic producing loads. APQ offers “Detuned” capacitors which incorporate a harmonic blocking reactor to prevent damaging harmonic currents in the capacitor.

Original PFFinal PFKVA & Current Reduction
0.93 1.0 7%
0.90 1.0 10%
0.88 1.0 12%
0.85 1.0 15%
0.80 1.0 20%
0.75 1.0 25%
0.70 1.0 30%
0.65 1.0 35%
0.60 1.0 40%
  • APQ Series Type C Power Factor Correction Banks

    APQ Series Type C products provide both fixed and automatic bank solutions for applications that are already in compliance with IEEE 519. Fixed capacity systems are an economical choice for individual inductive (motor) loads. Use Type C fixed solutions for rapid ROI when Power Factor penalties apply, or to reduce unnecessary burden on your electrical system. Automatic systems are the sensible solution when improving power factor for an entire facility, group of inductive loads, or any time that reactive power demand vary greatly throughout normal operations. APQ automatic power factor capacitor systems will monitor the reactive power demands and switch the ideal amount of capacitance as needed to maintain high power factor. Capacitance is automatically adjusted as the load changes in order to maintain the desired power factor at all operating conditions.

  • APQ Series Type F Power Factor Correction Filter Banks

    APQ Series Type F products are designed to operate on systems containing harmonic producing loads. Capacitors are a low impedance path for harmonic frequencies and require failure protection when harmonics are present. Detuned Type F solutions simply protect the capacitor network from harmonic frequencies. APQ can design a tuned system that will not only provide power factor correction, but will also mitigate system harmonics. As with the Type C solution offering, Type F products are available as either a fixed or automatic system.

  • APQvar Dynamic VAR Compensator

    For inductive equipment that has dynamic load characteristics, APQ offers a fast responding power factor capacitor solution. APQvar can insert capacitance onto a circuit in less than one cycle, and without switching transients. Maintains high power factor for dynamic loads and extends capacitor life by eliminating

Benefits of Improving Power Factor

  • Eliminate Power Factor charges
  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Reduce current and kVA demand
  • Reduce kVA demand & demand charges
  • Reduce system power losses
  • Increase kVA available from transformers
  • Improve facility voltage levels